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Reverberation Time (RT60) is a common acoustical design goal metric for interior spaces, and is used in many industry standards and guidelines including ANSI, LEED, and FGI. Related parameters include the Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) and Sound Absorption Average (SAA) which describe the sound absorption properties of building materials such as acoustical ceiling tiles and fabric wall panels. Sound absorption coefficients and Sabin data from laboratory tests of materials and products are used as inputs for reverberation time calculations.

LSG&A provides services to measure, evaluate, and optimize reverberation in various spaces. This includes measurement of reverberation times before and after acoustical treatments, calculations based on room characteristics, and recommendations to define and achieve reverberation time design goals based on a room’s size and use. This work involves traditional techniques for ray-tracing and spreadsheet based calculations in addition to three-dimensional room acoustics software to predict acoustical characteristics that quantify the liveness, loudness, spaciousness, warmth, and intimacy of a space. Background noise and vibration as well as sound and impact isolation from adjacent spaces are also important factors to consider when evaluating room acoustics.

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